Am I the Odd Man Out, or What?

I have gone on the record to say that I LOVE … Xactimate … TPAs … and Construction.

Each of these are hot buttons for contractor trash talk.

Some contractors say of Xactimate, “I can’t make any money,” or “Xactimate is a terrible program.”


Some contractors say, “TPAs are bottom-feeders,” or “TPAs put companies out of business.”


Some contractors say, “Construction is too hard,” or “I can’t make good money from it.”


I love all three because I help contractors make money today, and all three are huge moneymakers, which I why I love them!!

If you want to fight to change Xactimate pricing or challenge TPAs to be more accountable to contractors or get carriers to be more respectful and less confrontational … GREAT! I’m for positive change, and I support those who spearhead such efforts.

But none of this is going to happen today. So, while others address long term systemic industry issues – let’s make money for you today!

All three of these LOVES of my life enable you to do that – today, and tomorrow!

  • Xactimate pays $150 an hour to hang drywall in Sacramento and $105 in Boston.
  • TPAs are the best source of sustainable high volume work.
  • Construction is the only way to double and triple your business income.

Let’s all get real about today and tomorrow!

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