Why Aren’t YOU Receiving Referral Work from National Managed Repair Programs?

We all want referral work!! In our restoration industry, we call National Managed Repair Programs Third Party Administrator Networks (TPAs). These National groups administrate property claims in conjunction with the carrier, including assigning them to network contractors.

What You Need to Know About Managing Your Cash Flow

Good cash flow management ensures there is always enough cash on hand to meet expenses. For most restoration owners, this is rarely the case. We always seem to be cash strapped. We are either preparing for payroll or just completing it. There is rarely a surplus of money on hand, making this one of the highest pressure experiences in our business life.

Have You Tapped Into the Biggest Moneymaker in Our Industry?

If you want to grow your restoration business and are not providing rebuild services, you are missing out on the biggest moneymaker ever! Every Restoration owner wants to grow their business! They want more revenue, higher profits, open up new markets, add services, and generate more work?

What’s Holding You Back From Becoming a Full-Service Restoration Contractor?

Fear? Know-how? Confidence? Of the 25,000 restoration companies in the US, 80% are mitigation-only businesses. Would it surprise you to learn that many of those want to become full-service? But they don't do it because of nagging self-doubt.