How Much Salary Should Owners Make?

Owners should receive a salary of no less than $100,000 annually. While some smile at such a notion, others frown because they see no way of doing this. A young fledgling company may allow for a $60,000 or $70,000 annual salary while the Owner reinvests in the business, but beyond one or two years, the $100,000 salary must become attainable.

“Tell me what you can do for me,” he blurted at me over the phone.

That was the greeting I recently received from one brash young contractor. “Tell me what you can do for me,” he said. After starting to recover my composure, I stuttered and sputtered, saying that contractors come to me because they are interested in two things: 1) Starting or improving their rebuild services, and 2) they want to get on TPA managed repair programs.

What Do You Do When You Can’t Find the Right Manager for Your Business?

Every Owner knows how difficult it is to find quality workers. This is especially true for managers. Many owners struggle with knowing where to look, how to interview, and how to ensure the prospect has the skills they are looking for. Using an HR company may provide the help you need!

Get That ACV Payment Before you Start the Rebuild Work

Many full-service contractors struggle with cash flow. They float the costs of their rebuild work and don’t get a nickel toward those costs until 45 – 60 days after completion. The insurance company is fine with contractors floating those costs, and so are customers. The only one not happy with the arrangement is the contractor and for good reason!