What’s FCC AV, and How Do You Make Money On It?

FCC AV is the Xactmate code for Floor Covering Carpet Average Grade. It's important because it's the grade of carpet installed in 80% of US households. In Chicago, Xactimate pays $21.98 per SY and in San Diego $22.52 for FCC AV. What if you could buy this carpet for $10.99 a SY? That would produce huge savings for you!

I’m Afraid I Can’t Make any Money on Rebuild

A contractor recently said this to me. I accept that not all contractors know how to make a good profit on rebuild, but the right question is whether there is good money to be made. We all have experienced that moment when the light comes on, and we suddenly understand something we didn't previously grasp, and we ask ourselves in amazement, "why didn't I see that before?" We just don't know what we don't know until we know it. That moment of insight changes everything!

The 5 Best Reason To Get Into Roofing this Summer

High volume of work – Hail storms produce tens of thousands of damaged roofs and could lead to hundreds of jobs for you High revenue – the average size of roofing assignment is $12,000+ with some exceeding $50,000 High profits – average profit margin is 40%+ It's no more difficult to manage than interior repair – you have a different set of subs (roofer, gutters, siding, paint, windows and doors, decks and fences, etc.) but you manage the job the same and sub the work You have the entire summer to work through your inventory – many customers are not in a hurry to repair because it doesn't affect their life and routine as interior damage does

Is the Restoration Industry Recession Proof?

I probably deal with more frontline restoration owners on a daily and weekly basis than just about anyone else in our industry. I can tell you – they are ALL busy and some are busier than ever. Unlike remodeling, carpet cleaning, duct cleaning, and other scheduled services, our work is non-discretionary and is, therefore, an essential service. No one wants to remodel during recessionary times, but everyone wants damage repaired so they can get back to life.

Should a Restoration Company Startup Begin as a Mitigation-Only or Full-Service Company?

The most important initial question to answer is whether to begin as a mitigation-only company like most restoration franchises or begin as a full-service restoration company. Mitigation services customarily include water mitigation, mold remediation, and fire and smoke clean up and odor control. Many contractors entering the industry find it relatively simple to learn these services.

How Much Money Can a Restoration Company Startup Make?

Consider these numbers. Mitigation jobs in the US average $3,500 and rebuild (you have to put back any build materials you take out due to damage) is $12,000. If you got one mitigation customer a week for 52 weeks, that would produce $182,000 of annual mitigation income. This is not a particularly stellar outcome!