Benefits of Becoming a Program Contractor

I hear all sorts of excuses why a contractor expects to fail at their efforts to break into the ranks of program contracting. They say:

My market is too saturated and with so many competitors, 

I could never be selected for an assignment by one of these TPA clients!  

My company isn’t big enough or old enough yet 

We need more experience before going after new business models like direct contracts from government agencies (Trucks!). 

And you know what? That’s a good point – it really doesn’t matter how skilled/seasoned your team may currently.

The answer to these questions is probably obvious, but I’ll say it anyways. The man who made over $241,346 in one month was an ordinary carpet cleaner turned restoration contractor with no experience or training as a general builder – he just applied for all 4 high volume TPAs within 90 days of starting his effort! And what about that other guy? He also had zero prior business management skills when entering into this field–but now he’s managing 17 contractors and getting added onto multiple TPs every single week because people love working under him so much better than anyone else out there right.

The excuses are just that and they hamper your prospects for growth!

If you are tired of having your projects taken away from you by other contractors? Get direct mitigation and managed repair assignments without competing with others! This is the only way to ensure that TPA has faith in what they are doing, because it’s all about protecting our country.

The best contractors are those that can provide a service package to suit your needs. A program contractor will ensure you have all the correct insurance and guarantees before they begin any job, ensuring no delays or extra costs come up later on in construction!

The opportunity is there to work with a company that values quality, efficiency and customer satisfaction. You don’t have be superstar or even large-company dependable – just committed/dedicated towards providing satisfying experiences will do! Get in as long you want because we’re not going anywhere anytime soon.

You can grow as large and powerful a company as you want. The only limiting factor is your ability to adapt, manage the layers of management that come with it all – from employees to systems required for growth- if they are not in place then no amount or type will help make up for their absence!

The growth potential of your business is limitless when youbecome an approved program contractor. Your success will be assured!

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