Paying Project Managers Commissions – Is That a Good Idea?

I must admit that I am not very supportive of commissions. Typically, they are used as incentives to get employees to do better than they are already doing at their jobs. Incentives are used to coax the employee into better behavior, higher achievements, and improved results. They are paid extra if successful. The problem is rarely does this work. Rarely does coaxing or incentivizing actually produce better behavior. So the owner ends up paying twice for the behavior that should already be expected.

How to Create Change Orders in Xactimate the Right Way

A change order is any change to the scope of work agreed to by the contractor and customer. In the insurance industry it is typically an upgrade or a downgrade to an already approved item of repair. For example, if a customer intends to change existing damaged carpet in 4 rooms of the house to hardwood the upgrade in material and labor costs represent the change order. So, how do you correctly do this?

Can Your Restoration Business Pass It’s Financial Stress Test? How Well Are You Really Doing?

To grow your restoration business your company must pass several critical financial stress tests. Following the 2008 recession Americans became painfully aware of the importance of financial stress tests for banks that were just too large to fail. Stress tests whether financial or physical are indicators of health. Do you have the time for a check up to see how your business is really doing?