Get That ACV Payment Before you Start the Rebuild Work

Many full-service contractors struggle with cash flow. They float the costs of their rebuild work and don’t get a nickel toward those costs until 45 – 60 days after completion. The insurance company is fine with contractors floating those costs, and so are customers. The only one not happy with the arrangement is the contractor and for good reason!

Capturing More Rebuild Work

It's really very simple. When you show up on the doorstep of a customer who is ankle-deep in water, they think, they expect, they want you to do all that is needed to make them whole. You don't have to sell them or convince them to let you do it – they expect you to do it all. Everyone wants the convenience of making one call to one contractor who does it all!

What’s FCC AV, and How Do You Make Money On It?

FCC AV is the Xactmate code for Floor Covering Carpet Average Grade. It's important because it's the grade of carpet installed in 80% of US households. In Chicago, Xactimate pays $21.98 per SY and in San Diego $22.52 for FCC AV. What if you could buy this carpet for $10.99 a SY? That would produce huge savings for you!

I’m Afraid I Can’t Make any Money on Rebuild

A contractor recently said this to me. I accept that not all contractors know how to make a good profit on rebuild, but the right question is whether there is good money to be made. We all have experienced that moment when the light comes on, and we suddenly understand something we didn't previously grasp, and we ask ourselves in amazement, "why didn't I see that before?" We just don't know what we don't know until we know it. That moment of insight changes everything!