Can I Share Another 5-Star Review With You?

I’m a construction and roofing specialist. As a Restoration contractor, I was a:

  • Licensed General Contractor
  • Haag Certified Residential Roof Inspector
  • Colorado General Abatement Contractor
  • Certified Aging in Place Specialist

I know construction management. Quality matters when it comes to helping you add the #1 money generator in the industry – rebuild services.

I’m happy to share another Great Review with you!

“Jack Dennison has been an extraordinary coach. I started my restoration business not long ago and have already had a fantastic experience.

What I am most impressed with is Jack’s knowledge of the industry and his particular expertise in construction.

I received a high volume of large-losses from the enormous destruction caused by a tornado in our state. I was beside myself with how to handle so many large assignments from the TPAs that Jack had helped me get on. Jack calmly and methodically talked me through each job, one by one. Some were very complex, and thanks to Jack’s help, I am on top of every one of them now. One TPA has thanked me for doing such a great job and has said I am their top performer in this Catastrophe – imagine that!

Smart, good, experienced, expert guy – I highly commend Jack to everyone.”

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