Building Consistency into Your Restoration Business 

Restoration business consistency is the key to success.

“We’re artists. Consistency is important, but art can’t be codified.”

“I have a better way of doing it.” 

“Yeah, but I like to do it this way.” 

“We’ve just kind of figured it out every time.” 

Can you imagine that if every time you needed to drive to the grocery store, you went and looked for a new route? Even if you knew there was an efficient route? 

That’s what it’s like when you don’t set standards for everything your team does.  

Here are some ways to make sure that your restoration business does things the same way, repeatedly.  


Start by creating checklists for every step of a project. From how the estimate will be delivered to what day you should order the materials to how the floors should get cleaned, everything should be on a checklist.  

If you’ve ever been in the military, you know that everything they do is planned. There are entire books dedicated to the standard operating procedures (SOPs) for everything. That’s what the goal of your business. Get to the point where your leadership and understanding is encased in checklists and guides that tell everyone what to do at every step. Intuit has created a great article about how SOPs can benefit a business:


Your team needs to understand that you have a way you want everything done and that this is the key to everyone’s success. By setting standards, you create a culture where everyone has a set of expectations for how everything will get done and how it looks. 

It’s important to be flexible. If someone comes up with a better idea or new  technological innovation makes things easier, be open to adding it to your methods. Being rigid  is not the same thing as having standards.  


Automation is the heart of 21st century success. Every industry has begun to automate as much as possible. This trend will only get stronger as the struggle to find qualified staff continues. Automating everything you do will save time and add to your ability to grow and get stronger.  

The most crucial step to creating predictability in your restoration business is to think in terms of consistency. Consistency is what builds brand loyalty. If customers know that they’re going to get the same magnificent work every time, they’ll keep coming back. If the work changes every time they hire you or see what you’ve done for someone else, your company will get a reputation for being unpredictable. No one wants to pay for unpredictable. 

Build systems that deliver consistent results, and your brand will begin to grow on its own.  

Make building consistency with SOPs and checklists part of the beginning of your restoration business. Learn more about starting a restoration business here:

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