Coronavirus Update

In the face of the global pandemic and US national emergency, life has changed. What can Restorers expect for your business and work?

Protect your workers:

· Check them daily for fever and other symptoms

· Encourage them to hunker down outside of work

· Use disposable gloves and masks especially when in the homes of customers

· Make your own hand sanitizer and have lots of it on hand for your workers

· Use Tyvek suits in customer homes to visually demonstrate the emergency measures you are taking to protect them

· Wipe down steering wheels, equipment, and flat surfaces regularly

Expect your work to continue and perhaps increase.

Emergency services won’t stop during this outbreak, and rebuild will go on. No customer wants to face weeks or months with their homes tore up.

Residential remodeling is dead!

Be prepared for construction workers to seek you out for work. Call remodeling companies and use them as subs. Require they use the same precautions as your workers.

Some experts say schools may stay closed for the remainder of the school year. Some industries won’t recover for a long time. Restoration and repair will remain strong and resilient, so plan accordingly and protect your people.

It won’t be easy, but stay strong, and stay open!

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