Customers Expect Full-Service! Why Don’t You?

During this pandemic, full-service is more crucial than ever.

Damage repair customers don’t want to deal with the added dangers of multiple companies, multiple managers, and multiple offices. They want you to do it all!

TPAs urgently want full-service contractors. One of the largest TPAs told me that single trade contractors – either mitigation or GC only – forfeit as much as 80% of the work they would otherwise get if they were full-service.

Mitigation-only contractors are no longer the preferred model for our industry.

I’ve recently talked to a ton of remodeling contractors and, as I predicted … residential remodeling is dead. Remodelers are finishing work already started, but future scheduled work is canceled, and there is nothing else in sight. They are looking for work and will jump at the opportunity to work for you.

Throughout my business life, others have asked, “What is the key to business success?” My answer has remained the same, “One must be smart enough to see an opportunity and courageous enough to seize it!” This is one of those moments … the opportunity is clear and available.

Be strong and courageous, and seize the full-service opportunity! There is no better time to become full-service than right NOW!

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