Do Job Titles Matter?

Posted by The Restoration Entrepreneur

Have you seen a restoration company doing less than $500,000 of revenue with a General Manager? Or, the first manager hired is the Operations Manager? Titles matter!

Owners are usually the functional General Manager. They oversee the whole of the business. When it comes to sharing the management burden, owners should be very clear in where help is needed. Often it is first in the mitigation area. Can you imagine a company with 3 – 4 technicians, and needing someone to take charge of the crew and work. This company would benefit from a Mitigation Manager who stays in their lane with a careful eye on dispatching, estimating, documentation, site setup, equipment use, and training.

An Operations Manager typically oversees the field operations for a multi-division company – mitigation and rebuild. A Direct Sales Manager is in charge of a staff of salespeople. An Office Manager should be responsible for the workload of an office of people. Why is this important? Not only does a title suggest one’s lane of responsibility, but it also implies pay and privilege. Owners shouldn’t create problems for themselves, suggesting work lanes that are too broad or develop expectations for pay and privilege when the actual duties are more narrow than the title implies.

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