Do You Know the #1 Money Maker in the Restoration Industry?

Posted by The Restoration Entrepreneur

Did you know … the average rebuild is 4x larger than the average mitigation job?

Did you know … you can consistently make 50% profit on rebuilds? Below 40% is bad, above 40% is good!

Did you know … 50% of US States DO NOT require a general contractor’s license for remodeling and repair?

Did you know … there is a supplier who sells carpet, and other flooring materials at 50% below Xactimate pricing?

Did you know … local suppliers sell to contractors at 7% – 15% below retail, and even higher when you purchase large quantities?

Did you know … that right now, your business could produce in rebuild revenue 3x what you earn in mitigation revenue? If you do $1 million in mitigation revenue you have a pent up supply of $3 million in rebuild revenue just waiting on you to take it.

Did you know … you can outsource Xactimate rebuild estimates to third party estimators for as little as $100?

Did you know … for many contractors, the only way to break the $1 million ceiling is by adding rebuild services. Now you know … if you want to make great money in the restoration industry, rebuild is the service to do it!

Reference: The Sales Doubler – Fast Track Your Company’s Growth by Becoming a Full-Service Industry Leader

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