Dollars and Sense! How the ROI Adds Up

Coaching offers a significant ROI and can accelerate the growth of your business.

If you’ve been considering starting one of our coaching plans, you might be wondering what the ROI, the return on investment, looks like.

Not only are our coaching plans affordable, but they offer a great return on investment. We’ll break down the numbers for you, but first, let’s take a look at what might be standing in your way.

Focus on the ROI

There’s usually a combination of two reasons why a business owner decides not to get the coaching that they need.


Some business owners let their pride get in the way of growing their business. They think that with sheer willpower and killer work ethic, they can make it on their own.

Now, sometimes this works, but often it doesn’t. Or at least, it doesn’t get you to the level where you want to be.

There’s only so much you can accomplish on your own before you hit a plateau. And at some point, you need to leverage the experience of others who have been there. It’s much more efficient to learn from someone else’s mistakes, than to make them all on your own.


Maybe you’re on the fence about the idea of spending money on a consultant while you’re trying to grow your business. Typically, people start here, wondering whether it makes financial sense, and then they fall into the “do it yourself” mindset.

But honestly, if you need help to get to that next level in your restoration business, you shouldn’t get hung up on the initial investment.

You should look for the best coaching plan, that’s tailored to your needs, and will accelerate your growth. Pure and simple.

Focus on what you’ll get out of the program, and make sure that the ROI makes sense.

Typical ROI Metrics for The Restoration Entrepreneur

So, now that you’ve gotten over those two hurdles, what does the ROI look like for a typical business owner going through a coaching plan with The Restoration Entrepreneur?

You’ll Start to See a Return on Your Investment in Just a Few Months

For new contractors that just opened, it only takes them 75 days to earn their first dollar after starting their coaching plan!

For existing contractors that were already in business? This drops to just 45 days, to see their first dollar earned from the program.

Once they’re up and running, these restoration businesses will earn an average of $20,000 in revenue, in just the first month. By month 3, they’re earning an average of $70,000 in additional revenue.

So, by month 3, our restoration entrepreneurs are already breaking even on the monthly course fee. And after month 5, their earnings have paid for the whole 12-month course!

Our Class is Designed to Significantly Scale Your Business

A new contractor will earn between $600,000 – $850,000 in the first year of coaching.

A seasoned contractor will earn between $800,000 – $1.2 million in the first year.

So, what are you waiting for? Our partners have over 100 years of combined experience in the growth of restoration businesses. We can help you with scaling, processes, marketing, acquisitions, and so much more.

Become our next success story! Call us for a free 30-minute consultation and we’ll tell you more about our pricing plans.

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