Face to Face Marketing is Dead in the Age of Coronavirus

The traditional troika of restorer’s marketing insurance agents, plumbers, and property managers is dead. Can you imagine sitting across from an insurance agent, each wearing protective gloves and a mask and having a conversation? In the age of Coronavirus, you can’t even find them in their offices.

So, what are you going to do?

I have stated the case many times that most contractors want on TPA programs and have even applied only to be denied. Why declined? Because getting on TPA programs while simple, isn’t easy.

The simple part is meeting program requirements. Nothing hard, nothing extraordinary, nothing over the top. Just normal industry standards.

The hard part is successfully navigating the application process. If you could do this effectively, you could, you would get in.

During the age of Coronavirus you could put your time into TPA applications so that when life does return to normal, you don’t have to spend $50,000 on a marketing person, or thousands on monthly Google services, or $400 per lead from the lead generator, or thousands for monthly website SEO.

If you knew you would get approved, wouldn’t the TPA route by preferable and way more profitable.

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