The Follow-through – It ain’t over yet! 

Follow-through with your restoratoin clients is important. Image of a man making a phone call and using his laptop.
Follow-through with restoration clients is important. Doing it well can increase your business and its image.

It’s Saturday night. You’ve put three families back in their homes this week. You’ve done splendid work and they’re happy.  So, what’s next? Follow-through.  

What do we mean by follow-through? We’re talking about reaching out to your customers even after the work is done.  

Your former customers are more than just the people who paid you once. They’re the ones who can make sure you have business for months or years to come.  

How to follow-through with restoration customers 

The day you get done – Put a card in the mail thanking them for their business and offering to help if anything is wrong or breaks. Reiterate your warranty, if you offer one. Express that you appreciate reviews online and referrals. This helps to set the tone for the future relationship. 

Two weeks after the job is done – Call the customer to make sure everything still looks great, and there aren’t any problems. All you’re really doing is checking in to make sure they’re happy. Mention online reviews since they’re the lifeblood of business in the 21st century. 

One month after the job is done – Email your clients to let them know that you’re still there to help if they need it. The message should be simple and pleasant. You’re not asking for anything but making sure your information is in their email inbox.  

Every month after the job is done – Every month send a newsletter that talks about what you’re doing, ideas on how to redecorate their home, or anything else useful to them. You can invite them to company picnics, talk about what’s going on the community, or anything else. The goal is not to constantly sell things, but to make sure they know you’re still around.  

Once a year – Every year, send a postcard that offers renovation services at a discount or any other service you think your customers might like. For example, you can offer a free roof inspection every year or to remove moss from the roof for small fee. You might offer to install moisture monitors in the basement or other technology that can keep their house safer. Again, the goal is to let them know you’re there and that you can help them avoid future problems.  

Once a year – Every year, have someone call the customer just to see how they’re doing and make sure that repairs that were made are still looking great. It’s a friendly call. Just the neighborhood construction company checking in. 

The whole purpose of all of this is to make sure they know you’re there and that you’re willing to help when they need it.  

If you stay in touch, they’re more likely to recommend you when someone mentions they have a problem. All of this is very inexpensive and will grow your brand over the course of years. 

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Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels 

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