How Do YOU Do Estimate Review?

How many companies have a process in place for estimate review?

I’m not just talking about checking an estimator’s work to ensure they are not leaving money on the table. It includes that, but more.

Owners should take an active interest in upgrading the skills of key employees, especially estimators.

Owners must actively ensure the use of estimating best practices, money-making techniques, and time-saving procedures to gain the best results. Estimators are expected to master the use of graphical estimating, be proficient using tools such as the deck and roof tools, and continuously upgrade their Xactimate skills.

The reason this level of review and training rarely occurs is that owners have fewer skills at estimating than their estimators. Since companies don’t have the necessary estimate review skills inside the organization, it never gets done. The result is that estimators don’t get better and continue to make the same mistakes over and over and year after year.

What’s an owner to do to ensure estimator competence?

I have the answer! ASK AiME!

ASK AiME is a new and amazing estimate review service.

“AiME instantly interprets PDF estimates with the purpose of providing consistent, fair, and intelligent responses to augment your ability to write and review insurance estimates for homes and businesses, thus increasing accuracy and improving estimate review times.”

What can AiME do for you?

To create, review, and adjust restoration estimates, you must:

  1. Possess expert knowledge of the tasks and processes of dozens of trades and specializations.
  2. Have a thorough and complete knowledge of pricing and scoping databases.
  3. Be aware of the custom requirements of Carriers, and keep on top of any changes.

AiME provides targeted estimate review and training for all of these.

I have used the service in my restoration business coaching, and I highly recommend it to you!

How might you use AiME?

A company might do an occasional review of an estimator’s work product, or use it for a particularly complex estimate such as a fire rebuild, or use it for a complex estimate involving roofing or decking. There are many occasions when you benefit from using AiME to get the most comprehensive estimate possible. ASK AiME helps to ensure you leave NOTHING on the table!

AiME’s estimate review is comprehensive. Its recommendations are insightful. The outcome is a better estimate and a more skilled estimator. This produces the best possible estimate that makes more money for your business!

I highly recommend ASK AiME to all restoration companies!

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