How Much Work Can a TPA Send You?

What if one TPA sent you 3 jobs a month. That’s 36 a year, and if you are a mitigation-only company that will produce more than $100,000 of revenue. If you are a full-service contractor, those three jobs a month will make $500,000 of annual income. Sweet!

What if you are on five TPAs and together they send you 10 jobs a month, or 120 a year. Mitigation-only companies would earn $400,000 of additional revenue, and full-service contractors produce closer to $1,800,000. Incredible!

Who wouldn’t want that?

TPAs are not the only source of work, but they can produce more volume and make you more money than any other marketing strategy you can use.

You are in business to get work and make money. Don’t you think you should use every means possible to do that? What combination of activities can make you $1,800,000 in new revenue, and what would you have to pay to get it?

My final word is this – some of you contractors need to back away from the edge. Some contractor trash talk about TPAs is just plain incorrect, and you talk yourself and others out of what could be the best moneymaker available to you. Why do that to yourself?

Be a smart business person, and learn how to make TPAs work for you. You can do that, and you will be handsomely rewarded for the effort.

Many contrtacors have tried and failed to break the barrier to TPA activation. My favorite saying regarding that difficulty is that TPA activaiton is smple, its just not easy! I may have more experience and know-how in successfully doing this than anyone else in the industry. CALL ME, and let’s talk about it!

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