How to Delegate Well 

Delegating is an important part of growing your business. You need to be able to tell your team what to do and know that they’ll do it well is vital.

A major part of being able to expand your company is learning to delegate well. 

Delegation is the only way to really make sure everything gets done without having to do it yourself.  

For many in the restoration and construction industry, delegating is a new idea. We’re all used to doing everything ourselves and not really needing to delegate the executive functions of the company, like having someone else run the job site or put together estimates. 

When it’s time to grow your company, though, you need to know how to delegate well and know whom to delegate to.  

Here’s a step-by-step guide to delegate successfully” 

  1. Don’t just delegate to whomever is close. Often, we find ourselves counting on the people that we’re most accustomed to working with, like family or longtime workers. That can be fine, but you need make sure that they can do what you need them to. If someone isn’t truly qualified, you’re not only wasting your time, but you’re setting them up for failure. Consider the skillset of the people you delegate to. If they can’t do the job, find someone else who can. 
  1. Delegate with very clear instructions. Every job you delegate should have precise instructions and a clear definition of what the result will be. If you just tell someone to do something, don’t expect it to be done your way. They might have a completely different vision in their minds. If you tell someone to paint a house blue, you’re not likely to get the color blue you wanted.  
  1. Follow up and offer more clarity. After the person has started the project, talk with them about what they need and what’s missing. Double check to make certain they understand what they’re doing and what you’re expecting.  
  1. Visit just before the end of the project. This will give you time to inspect the result and for the team to adjust. 
  1. Trust. If you’ve chosen the right people and given clear instructions, trust that they’ll get the job done. It’s vital that you let people figure out how to do the job themselves. You might not have all the answers. Other people might get the same result by going a different path. 

Delegating can seem difficult, but if you’re choosing the right people and being clear about the outcome, you shouldn’t have problems.  

Learning to delegate is the key to growing your company. By delegating the things you can, you’re free to do those things that only you can. It might be sales or managing clients or finding the right supplies, but whatever it is, you need to be free to do it. Delegating will help to ensure that you have the time to do those things without having to work too many hours a day just to get everything done. 

Photo by Anamul Rezwan from Pexels 

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