Is It Worth It?

How do you determine value? Like most of us, it’s what you get for what you give.

That idea governs our investments, home purchases, equipment purchases, and more. The idea of giving to get permeates our society and lives.

In business, this is true. We ask, is what this is going to cost me going to get me more than I put in? If you answer, “Yes,” we go for it, and if “No,” we walk away.

Contractors call me because I can help them explode their business by getting in on the two biggest money makers in our industry – adding Rebuild and getting on TPAs. Companies can double, even triple their businesses in 18 – 24 months by adding both.

We discuss outcomes, the coaching process, and successes, and contractors hang on every word until we get to the cost.

While I am cheap, I am not free. The reason contractors walk away is because, “I want to do this, but I can’t afford it.”

Whatever you are currently doing to grow your business, it is costing you. Doing nothing costs you even more in lost opportunity!

Here’s my proposition … you want to grow your business? I know exactly how to do it. If you convinced yourself that for every $1 you invest in your growth you would get $50 in return would you find a way to scrape together the $1?

It will cost you to grow your business, but not much! $1 for $50 is a great deal anytime.

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