Is the Restoration Industry Recession Proof?

I probably deal with more frontline restoration owners on a daily and weekly basis than just about anyone else in our industry. I can tell you – they are ALL busy and some are busier than ever.

Unlike remodeling, carpet cleaning, duct cleaning, and other scheduled services, our work is non-discretionary and is, therefore, an essential service. No one wants to remodel during recessionary times, but everyone wants damage repaired so they can get back to life.

Whatever is going on in financial markets, national politics, or global geopolitical skirmishes manmade things continue to break, and the weather never takes a break!

The bottom line – the insurance industry and the damage and repair work restorers do is RECESSION PROOF!

What am I hearing from restoration owners during this Coronavirus Pandemic – gratitude and thanksgiving! Gratitude for having found a niche of work that is always strong and thanksgiving for the high volume, resilient industry, and highly profitable work that never wanes in the face of economic turmoil. They are grateful to be – recession-proof.

Below are the postings of the How to Start a Restoration Company Series. I hope together they will answer most of the critical questions you have. Afterward – give me a call, and let’s talk about how to put it all together! Click on the title to view.

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