Is Your Construction Work Out Of Control?

Posted by The Restoration Entrepreneur

Is Your Construction Division Just Too Much to Handle? As a business coach, I talk to restoration contractors every day. Many are fed up with their construction work. It’s too hard, too little profit and way too many customer complaints. Some contractors feel driven by their construction jobs; the work feels out of control as if it has a life of its own demanding way more time and energy than an owner has to give. How do you get back in charge of the work and make it work for you?

  • Take charge of your relationship with subcontractors.
  • Don’t take bids from subs.
  • Ensure you have the right seats on your management bus, and you have the right people in those seats.
  • Pay by the job not by the hour.
  • Don’t buy tools for your rebuild workers.
  • Provide a specific scope of repair for every sub on every job.
  • Get that ACV payment before you start the job!
  • Provide a materials list to every sub for every job.
  • Buy all materials at discounted rates – all of them!
  • Provide site supervision through project managers on every repair job.
  • Control material costs using a Purchase Order system.
  • Commit to 100% job costing.
  • Get a Certificate of Completion every time!

Do it now and take back control of your construction work!

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