It’s Time for an Inventory

Not an equipment inventory, but an inventory of your life and business.

Life-changing inventories begin with reflection, followed by a plan, and are completed with commitment.

Personal Reflection:

  • What do I like least/most about myself?
  • What is most/least satisfying in my marriage?
  • What do I do best/poorly as a parent?
  • What experiences contribute most/least to my spirituality?

Business Reflection:

  • What do I like most/least about my work?
  • What about my company most/least satisfies my customers?
  • How do I contribute most/least to my employees/others?
  • What is the greatest strength/weakness of my company?

Reflection leads to self-awareness and discovery.

Use this time of Coronavirus lockdowns to do an inventory of your life and business.

Become more aware of yourself, and as you identify life-giving behaviors commit to doing them and limiting those that rob your life of fulfillment and satisfaction.

Discover the means to improve your business, aligning its operation with its purposes for being.

Don’t waste this time of social disruption on non-essential activity, but instead use it to better understand yourself and your business, Commit to changes that will make you a better person and your company a better business.

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