Let’s Elevate Your Water Technician’s Performance

Every performance evaluation begins with an assessment.

Using a spreadsheet number top to bottom 1 – 10 and across the top, the name of each technician. Use this grid to record your assessment. Is your technician below average, average, or above average in the following areas:

  1.   Docs/Measurements
  2.   Psychrometrics & Moisture map
  3.   Equipment setup
  4.   Precision doing demo
  5.   Job Cleanliness
  6.   Photo Documentation
  7.   Response time on call
  8.   Customer service
  9.   Personal Attitude
  10.   Time management

Now it’s time to train.

If you provide training for only 15 minutes each week, you will see the impact. If you train on the use of moisture meters, identify your most best technician to show the others how to take readings.

When training on psychrometrics or preparing a moisture map use your best technician to show the others how to do it.

Not only does this affirm each one for their strengths but the techs will begin to turn to one another for help. This is positive and healthy.

Lastly, the Mitigation Manager must do daily job site inspections and review dry logs at the end of each shift.

You can expect only what you are willing to inspect. Regular training, OJT, and checked dry logs will help your team be top performers.

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