Making This Single Addition Can Triple Your Business in 18 – 24 Months

80% of the 25,000 Restoration business in the US provide only mitigation services. That’s right, 4 out of 5 remove damaged building materials, but they don’t do the putback.

Any company smart enough to add put back services can triple its business in 18 – 24 months.

Don’t be afraid of this! You can do it!

You don’t have to know how to hang drywall or install cabinets or lay flooring. You simply need to manage your work as you currently do for mitigation services and hire the labor out to experience professional tradespeople. Can you do that? Every competent business owner should be able to manage and hire out to others.

If you could capture 70% of all available rebuild jobs, that would produce three times the current mitigation revenue.

For example, a contractor doing 100 mitigation jobs a year produces about $300,000 of revenue. Capturing the rebuild for 70% of those mitigation jobs, or 70 rebuild jobs, makes about $800,000. The total is $1,100,000.

Capturing this work is simple. Most customers expect you are a full-service contractor. They think you do it all, and so why not do it all and gain the tremendous financial benefits of full-service.

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Call me, and let’s talk about becoming full-service!

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