How to Maximize Profit While Using a Third-Party Estimating Software

Are you leaving money on the table with your estimating practices? Chances are, if your estimators are using Xactimate, but they’re not properly trained, and there’s no estimate review process in place, then the answer is Yes.

So, how can you ensure that your estimates are accurate, so that you can maximize your profits?

Provide Training and Certification

Owners who don’t take a role in estimating, end up relying completely on their estimators. But what’s worse, they don’t realize what training their staff needs to do a good job.

They don’t know what they don’t know. And because of that, their business suffers from their ignorance. If you’re not an estimator, that’s fine. But, do you know what training and certifications your estimators should be getting?

Xactware provides a number of different training opportunities, and three levels of  Xactimate certification. Making these resources available to your estimators is the simplest way to improve your estimating practices.

Build a Strong Estimate Review Process

Who reviews your estimates?

Do your estimators have guidelines that they follow?

How do you determine if your estimators are performing well and creating good estimates?

If you have a solid estimate review process in place, these questions should be quick and easy to answer. If not, they’re a good place to start.

No one else will tell you that you’ve missed a line item, or that your estimates are consistently low. You have to find the errors and correct them yourself. And while it doesn’t have to be you personally, someone on your team should be in charge of this estimate review process.

There are many useful features within Xactimate that go unused by most estimators, but will assist you in reviewing estimates. These hidden features are key to achieving an accurate estimate.

Start Improving Your Estimating Practices Today

A couple consistent estimating mistakes can add up to a significant percentage of lost revenue over the course of a year. So, don’t wait to audit your restoration business’s estimating practices.

What if your estimates were missing as little as 5% of every project? Focusing on this issue alone would immediately increase your net profit by 5%. For any owner trying to grow their business, that’s huge for your bottom line.

Improving your estimators’ skills, taking action to correct errors, and evaluating your team’s thorough attention to detail, could save your business a substantial amount of money.

Internal review is critical to maximizing profits. So, Let us show you those hidden Xactimate features that are key to effective review of estimates.

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