May 1 is National Roofing Day!

Not really, but it does mark the start of the roofing season!

I remember one hail storm that rolled through the Northern Colorado Springs, damaging 24,000 homes. Within a week, we had received over 200 roof assignments that produced more than $2 million in revenue.

TPAs and carriers alike love it when their rebuild contractors do roofing too. There was a time when roofing assignments went to roofers. It didn’t take carriers long to figure out that roofers only do roofing. But most hail storms damage not only roofs but also siding and stucco, fascia, paint, windows and doors, decks and fences. You get the picture! There is more to a roofing claim than roofs, and general contractors best handle that.

Many states either have no licensing requirements, or the GC/HIL covers roofing too.

I coach through twelve specific coaching plans. One of them is THE RAINMAKER – Nail It-Make Your Next Million in Roofing. The title amply expresses the financial reason to do roofing. This is a 3-month program to get you ready for your first hail job, and it’s comprehensive in its scope, as are each of my coaching plans.

As with most new ventures – the prospect seems daunting until you try it. Having an experienced and expert guide is always helpful too. 

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