Owner’s You Need to Read This! You Really Do!

Owners, don’t ask your team if they want to grow your business. Why? Because they really don’t!

Owners and employees see the world differently. Owners want more, and employees feel they are doing enough already.

When facing a local freeze, my employees were ready to turn down work much sooner than I was. When a hail CAT occurred, my roofing managers begged me to stop taking in new work way before I was ready to call it quits.

As an owner, you know that you can always do more work than your employees think they should. My philosophy was always, “One more … and two after that!”

The same is true when it comes to your company’s growth.

If you ask your managers if they think you should add TPA work and add rebuild services or buy more equipment and hire more staff, the answer is going to be “let’s do anything, but add more work! We already have more than we can handle!”

I’m not cynical. I’m realistic!

Don’t abdicate your aim to grow your business by turning the decision over to others. Lead the way! Decide what to do! Define your plan and commit yourself and your team to it.

Owners – you are the only one in your business who wants more … so go out and get more and expect your team to step up and do one more, and two after that!

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