Payroll & Hiring: Dealing with Paperwork 

This is going to be a short blog about doing payroll and new hire paperwork in your restoration business. 

How should you deal with employees, employment paperwork, and payroll? You shouldn’t. 

Dealing with payroll is a hassle. It’s easier to let someone else do it.

Let’s make it simple for you.  

Hire a company to do it all for you. There are lots of great local companies that will help you, but you can also look at national companies that will do your payroll and new hire paperwork. 

Why hire a payroll company? 

Payroll and employment laws change every year. Sometimes they change more often than that. They are changed by local, state, and federal authorities. Sometimes they’re changed by some department through a simple announcement. Other times, it’s a court decision that changes things. Often, it’s a law that a legislative body passed. After the law is passed, it’s the interpretation of that law that needs to be adhered to. 

You don’t have time to keep track of all that and still run a business.  

The problem is that if you run afoul of these laws and rules, you can pay fines and even do jail time. If you intentionally ignore the new laws, the penalties are always worse. 

By hiring a payroll company, you have a group that’s made it their business to ensure that your employees’ paychecks and employment paperwork are done right. They’re responsible for any problems. While you might still bear the liability officially, as with any other subcontractor, there’s someone you can get compensated by.

Seriously, do yourself a favor. Find a professional payroll company to handle all the payroll. Often, they’ll even help you manage new hire paperwork, like I-9s and more. Save yourself the pain of having to figure it all out.  

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