Reconstruction – Correcting Misinformation

Some Restorer’s stay out of rebuild work because of myths and misinformation.

Here are the facts!

What about licensing?

  • 50% of States don’t require a GC license, and many others require a Home Improvement License requiring a simple application and fee.

Xactimate doesn’t pay enough.

  • Xactimate pays $80 PH to hang drywall in Indianapolis, $105 PH in Boston, and $120 in San Diego. Can you make money off Xactimate pricing – YES!

I can’t hire enough hourly workers to do my rebuild work.

  • You hire managers to manage the job and subcontract ALL labor to others.

Hourly construction workers milk the clock and kill my profits.

  • You pay subcontractors by the job locking in labor profits regardless of their labor efficiency.

Profit margins are less than mitigation.

  • YES, but what is better, a 75% profit on a $3000 mitigation job or a 50% profit on a $10,000 rebuild?

I don’t have any construction experience.

  • You don’t have to. If you can manage the job, you can hire skilled tradespeople to do the work.

I don’t know how to estimate a rebuild job.

  • That’s OK, you can outsource estimating to third party estimators, some of whom charge as little as $100 for a $10,000 construction estimate.

For other objections, CALL me and let me give you the facts!

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