Remodelers What Are You Going to Do Now?

Most remodeling work for kitchen, bath, basement, decks, etc. has dried up thanks to Coronavirus.

While some owners are happy to take a rest until things settle down, remodeling will be in the tank for a long time to come. People have lost jobs, face financial ruin, are emotionally on the brink, and afraid of the future. This is not an environment for discretionary spending on remodeling.

Over the past several weeks, I have posted information in this NARI discussion group that could point to a way out. No doubt, some remodelers have thought about getting work from the insurance industry for years. Whether as a primary focus or a supplemental one to remodeling, that industry has no end to the repair work that must be done.

There is an open opportunity for remodelers in that market.

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Perhaps its time to very seriously consider your opportunity to get more work.

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