Should you start a restoration business? Are there too many?

There is a need for restoration businesses. It's easy to start one.
The Restoration field is not too crowded. There’s always room for more.

Are there too many restoration businesses? Is there room for another restoration business in world? 

The short answers are no, there aren’t too many and yes, there’s room for more. 

Here is the long answer: 

Restoration businesses are often thought of as the businesses that show up when a hurricane hits, there’s major flood, or there have been a bunch of fires.  

In truth, most restoration business isn’t part of a headline. It’s a broken pipe, a fire in a home, or a roof leak that destroyed the two floors below it. Restoration jobs appear in every season and everywhere.  

The key to being successful in the restoration industry is connections. You need to make sure that you know the plumbers, carpet cleaners, insurance adjusters, fire fighters, anyone in your town or city that will see a restoration job before you do. They can call and refer you to the homeowner or business owner. 

You should also look at being a Third-party Administrator (TPA). Being a TPA allows you to handle everything for everyone. The customer gets a great contractor who can make everything happen. The insurance company gets someone they can trust to handle all the paperwork and make sure everything’s been done to their satisfaction.  

There are a lot of restoration businesses in the world, but there are even more restoration jobs that need to be done. As the climate becomes even more unpredictable, we’ll see more storms, floods, and fires that will need repairs in homes and businesses around the world.  

How do you get started? 

Of course, the easiest and best answer is to sign up for The Restoration Entrepreneur coaching plans and let us show you step-by-step.  

Let’s look at some of the elements you need to start your business.  

  • Business plan – You should have a business plan, even if it’s just a single page. It should detail what you plan to do as a business, the area you plan to work, and how you’ll bring in business. 
  • Marketing plan – You need a marketing plan that looks at how you’ll attract new customers and forge the relationships you need to build your business.  
  • Website – Even during an emergency, most customers will research you online. If you don’t have a website, you might find yourself out of the running. Many people don’t consider any business that hasn’t taken the time to put up a website. 

The goal is to know how you’ll get your first job, how you’ll get your 50th and how big you want your business to become.  Learn more about starting your own restoration business here:

Start with an unclouded vision, some knowledge of how to make your first sale, and how you’ll continue to grow your business. 

Of course, if you want some help, let the experts at The Restoration Entrepreneur guide you through with individual and group coaching, as well as self-paced courses.  

Honestly, most of us had mentors to guide us though our most worthwhile efforts. Starting or growing your restoration business is something that can and should be done with mentors. 

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