Serving Disabled Veterans Through the VA

Posted by The Restoration Entrepreneur

As a contractor, I was always opportunity greedy! What I mean by that is that if there was an opportunity to grow my business, I took it! I searched for opportunities, determined how to qualify for each one, and chased them until I got them. One by one, each one … until I got it!

One of the best opportunities for full-service contractors is serving Disabled American Veterans through the Veterans Administration. The VA provides grants to disabled veterans to remodel their homes making them more handicap friendly, we called it handicapable. The HISA Grant (Home Improvement Structural Adaptation) grants veterans $7,000, and the SAH Grant (Specially Adaptive Housing) grants $70,000 for major renovations.

As a veteran who served 27 years in the Army and whose service spanned Vietnam to Desert Storm no work was more precious to me than meeting and serving disabled veterans. Are their Disabled American Veterans in your community who have grant money and are looking for a general contractor with a heart to help? My company’s (Patriot Construction Services) motto was, “Restoring Freedom To Those Who Have Lost It!” Perhaps this is an opportunity you should look into as well!

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