Social Media for the Construction Industry (including Plumbing, Carpet Cleaning, or Restoration)

Learning to use social media to promote your restoration business is an important tool for success in the 21st century.

The restoration business can be tough to market. After all, most people won’t even know you exist until a disaster strikes. Then suddenly they know the phrase “reconstruction company.”  

How can you easily market your business? Can you do it without spending a lot of money? Can it be done without creating another full-time job? 

The answers to all these questions are yes.  

The most economical and easiest way to market your reconstruction business is with social media.  

Social Media for the Restoration Company

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and TikTok are all free to use. That’s just the right price when you’re trying to market your business.  

Facebook – The world’s largest social media platform, it seems like everyone is on Facebook. Posts for Facebook can be long or short. They should be directed at the average consumer.  

Twitter – Twitter is what’s known as a microblog site. It just means that posts are Twitter are very short. A tweet takes a couple of minutes to write and less than 30 seconds to read. 

LinkedIn – This is a professional network. While everyone on it is a consumer as well, this is a platform to communicate business to business. 

Instagram – An image-based site, Instagram is the kind of place where people scroll for interesting images, not a lot of words.  

Pinterest – This is a platform where most users in the US are women. It’s where they go to find out how to do something or for an explanation of something.  

TikTok – This video-based platform is designed for very short videos. Very often, they’re funny or exciting. 

How to Manage Social Media in a Restoration Company 

The best way to manage your social media is to simply take a lot of photos.  

You’re doing a job where the differences day to day, even hour to hour, can be dramatic.  

Take photos and post them right from your phone. Instead of just doing before and after photos, do before, during, and after images. Then you can put them all together to make a video.  

For Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, an image with a brief explanation is sufficient. For TikTok, you can make your photos into a video.  

With TikTok and Instagram, you can also make videos of your crew, the job, or whatever else you think is fun. You don’t need a huge production value. Just keep it clean and put your information on it. 

A Note on Hashtags 

Everyone stresses about hashtags. In fact, some people won’t post because they don’t know how to hashtag well. 

Yes, there’s an elaborate science to hashtagging, but you don’t need that. You just need to think of whatever works someone looking for a video like yours might use to search. 

For example, a post-hurricane restoration might have hashtags like (#hurricane #Maria #hurricaneMaria #damage #restoratoin #rebuild #PR #PuertoRico #newhome #damage #storm). Just think like someone looking for your video, and you’ll do fine.  

Stay tuned to our blog. We’ll cover things like scheduling posts, how often to post, and more. 

Photo by Tracy Le Blanc from Pexels 

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