STOP Plumber Referrals – NOW!

Every once in a while, an economic bubble occurs. It happened with oil, it happened with tech, and it happened with housing.

When you see it building, you know it’s a matter of time before it bursts!

Plumber referrals are just like those bubbles – and its time to burst this insanity!

Here are some examples of why, and what I’m talking about …

  • In one Southwest metro, the going rate for a plumber referral is $600
  • In another, it is $600, PLUS 10% of the job’s gross revenue
  • In a midwest metro, the pay to play is $500 per job of any size – “we’ll take ‘em all!”
  • In the Northeast, a company earning $1.5 million pays 25% of its gross revenue just for plumber referrals


Who can compete against such outrageous fees? No one and you shouldn’t try!

We all want more work, more jobs, more revenue … but believe me, there are better ways of getting MORE than playing this game.

If you’re looking for a better way to get MORE, call me for a FREE 30 Minute Consultation about how to double, even triple your business in the two years.

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