“Tell me what you can do for me,” he blurted at me over the phone.

That was the greeting I recently received from one brash young contractor. “Tell me what you can do for me,” he said.

After starting to recover my composure, I stuttered and sputtered, saying that contractors come to me because they are interested in two things: 1) Starting or improving their rebuild services, and 2) they want to get on TPA managed repair programs.

“These are the two biggest money generators in the industry today,” I quipped.

“OK,” he continued. “Tell me how to grow MY business.”

I replied, “Growing your business requires a sales and marketing strategy to grow your revenue and an operations strategy to improve your profits.” I thought that was a pretty smart and to the point reply.

“Makes sense,” he said, and then he dismissed himself and hung up.

This is no joke. That’s what happened. Not my typical sales call !!

For whoever you are and wherever you live, here is what I wish I had the timeto tell you about sales and profit-making.

I would tell you about the best approaches to sales and marketing:

  • Yes, I know how to get you on TPA programs. If you want to be a preferred vendor for USAA, American Family, Nationwide, or any other insurance company, you have to get on their TPA program.
  • I know how to market more effectively to insurance agents.
  • I know how to get more referrals from plumbers.
  • I know how to get repair work from the Veteran’s Administration workimg for Disabled American Veterans.
  • I know how to get fire work without chasing fires.
  • I can help you save tens of thousands of dollars on ineffective and less productive marketing strategies.

I know how to double your business in 18 – 24 months using these strategies.

I would tell you about the best methods to protect and improve profits:

  • I know how to get paid for your rebuild work before starting the job.
  • I know how to make 50% profit on your rebuild work.
  • I know how to control your material and labor costs to stay in budget.
  • I know how never to take another bid from a subcontractor.
  • I know how to hire the right/best managers for your mitigation and rebuild divisions.
  • I know how to increase your subcontractor pool with qualified, competent subs.
  • I know how to build your wealth with a 20% net profit for your business.

I know how to get you MORE … more money, more work, more wealth!

To the guy out there, I say, “I hope you call again,” so I can tell you about all the things I can do to help you grow your restoration business!

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