The #1 Problem with TPAs is Noncompliance

No, yours – not theirs!

Each time you join a TPA vendor program, you’re given Program Requirements for that insurance company.

They spell out the expectations of the relationship. “In our program, we want this and that,” and so on. You read through and decide whether you can/will comply as a requirement to get their work.

If you sign the document, you agree to comply with those requirements. Requirements are spelled out for mitigation services, estimating, rebuild, roofing, etc.

The problem with compliance is that few contractors and estimators pay any attention to them. So I hear all the time, “That #@!@ TPA just keeps kicking my estimates back. They just keep demanding more and more. I’m sick of it!”

That’s going to happen when you agree to do something and then repeatedly fail to do it!

How do you fix this? You must know what you’ve agreed to and then consistently do it! Pretty simple!

Review every page of the Agreement and record any requirement you wouldn’t already customarily do. Review the cheat sheet each time you get an assignment from XYZ insurance company to remind yourself of your Agreements. Keep your word and do what you’ve said you will do.

COMPLY, and you will solve most of the problems you’ve created for yourself.

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