The Revenue Generator – The Ultimate Revenue Booster for Your Business Sales Growth

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What’s your plan to grow your restoration business? Is it to market more agents? Do you have a plan to reach plumbing contractors? Are you going to try pay-per-click? Perhaps you don’t have a plan at all. Do you need help to focus or retool your efforts to increase sales? Perhaps I am the person to help you do just that! What I have done for others – I can do for you!

  • Present you to ALL Ten National Third Party Networks for activation to receive direct claims. TPAs process 70% of all property claims and send those assignments directly to Network contractors. Most of my client contractors are active on four to six TPAs within just a few short months, and many are receiving direct claims assignments within eight shorts weeks. How would you like to participate?
  • Train you to build a direct sales team using active on trend strategies that work! Put away the pens and pads, stop intruding with the daily agent drop-ins, and stop filling candy jars! Learn what really works at getting more work from agents, at developing a constant contact marketing plan for plumbing contractors, and leveraging the one thing you have to offer property managers that could set you up as their first responder.
  • Who doesn’t want contracts from government agencies? The three government looking for dependable contractors helps to diversify your sales and provides a broader and stronger sales foundation for your business. I did a lot of work for these agencies as a contractor, and I can show you how to get in on this money making opportunity too.
  • Are you interested in fire damage clean-up, contents cleaning, and rebuild work? There is a fantastic opportunity awaiting many contractors in fires services and partnership with your local city fires services. I frequently remind restoration contractors that making $1 million requires to either complete 400 mitigation jobs, 100 rebuild jobs, or 5 fire jobs? Where will you place the balance of your efforts?

While there is more that this 6-Month Coaching Plan offers – but isn’t this enough for starters? If you want to jumpstart and fast track your sales growth these are the ways to do it! Each one of these sources could be sending work directly to you. These are not leads that you have to go out and sell, but assignments and referrals that result in the highest possible capture rate. You will be shocked at the nominal cost to get started on the 6-month journey of The Revenue Generator. Let’s set up a 30-Minute Discovery Call so I can personally share all this good news with you!

Reference: The Revenue Generator (The Ultimate Revenue Booster for Your Business  Sales Growth)

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