The Weekly Management Team Meeting is a Necessary Driver for Success

In my company this Tuesday morning, 90-minute meeting included:

  • Owner
  • Managers
  • Project Managers
  • Estimators
  • Office Manager
  • Collections Agent

That’s about everyone but your techs.

We reviewed every job whose status was just Received through Not Completed.

In our company we coded all jobs:

  • W = Water
  • M = Mold
  • R = Rebuild

The list was sorted by code. At the meeting, we started at the top, and the first divisional manager was up … Mitigation reported on every W, M, or F job. The Construction Manager reported on every R and RF job. Every job was reviewed.

Questions were asked, issues were exposed, problems were solved.

I might weigh in with … “that’s a best practice, and that’s how I want it done very time going forward!”

Problems could be assigned … “Rob, I want you to do thus and so. Report back to me when done.”

Action items were recorded and distributed to the team. Owner and managers reviewed that list before the next meeting to identify what had not been done and why not.

We annually completed 400 mitigation and 400 rebuild jobs, and we couldn’t keep it all together without this crucial weekly meeting.

I expect this meeting is just as vital to your operational success as it was to mine!

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