Joining a TPA May Not be Right for You!

Posted by The Restoration Entrepreneur

Joining a TPA may not be right for you … especially IF …

  1. You like having the check sent to your customer rather than to you.

In nearly every instance the insurance payment goes directly to the homeowner and does not include the contractor’s name.

  1. You like competing against other contractors to get the job.

Often it comes down to who gets to the job first when a customer in the throes of an emergency calls multiple contractors in the hopes someone will get their fast.

  1. You like paying for leads that never become jobs.

I speak with contractors who spend thousands every month for internet lead generation, and most conclude that what they get for what they pay isn’t worth it.

  1. You like depending on your sales staff to grow your business.

Don’t you love competing against other contractors in a saturated market for the 30% of claims that are referred by agents, plumbers, and property managers?

  1. You like using your marketing dollars for work you hope you will get.

Isn’t that what paid marketing is all about – the hope of results with no guarantees?

  1. You like working with unpredictable rogue adjusters who apply their unique brand of adjusting at will.

Adjusters have become more unreasonable than ever and press the contractor on the legitimacy of standard charges. You never know what nonsense you might get from the adjuster on your next job.

  1. You like wasting your time writing estimates and presenting bids you never get.

Don’t you just love competing against other contractors to see who can low-ball the best to get the job? OK, OK, so you’ve found me out. I am actually a huge fan of TPAs … here’s what you get from that relationship:

  1. The insurance payment comes directly to you.

That’s right … imagine getting the check in your hands and with your name and the customer’s name listed as payees. You control the process to deposit the check.

  1. You get more volume than ever before.

You will get many times more volume from TPAs than hiring a direct sales staff, using internet marketing, or from word of mouth. Those may have been among the best bets in the past for generating more work – but not anymore!

  1. You get paid faster on the front end.

How would you like to get paid the ACV payment for your rebuild before the job begins? Impossible you say, no it’s not!

  1. A highly skilled and motivated staff of business professionals works hard every day to send you more work.

I love having a group of professionals finding work for me so I can concentrate on running and building my business. I have always loved this about TPAs.

  1. There IS safety in the program.

There are specific requirements you agree to when signing up. You give a little and get a lot. Once those requirements are set the contractor is bound by them and so is the carrier’s adjuster. Contrary to what you may hear – there is safety in a more predictable experience.

  1. You are the insurance company’s representative to your customer.

Wouldn’t you like to call your customer and say, “Hi Mr. Jones, I’m Jack Dennison with ABC Restoration. I’m the USAA contractor that has been assigned to complete your repairs.” How much weight do you think that carries with the customer – a lot! No bidding, no competing, just completing 90%+ of your assignments.

  1. It’s great not having a field adjuster show up on site.

I love this. Wouldn’t you like to write the scope, document it and present it unhindered by an adjuster looking over your shoulder? You do your own take-off, write the scope of repair, document it, submit it for review and approval. Your work product becomes the basis for the scope of work.

  1. You use your marketing dollars to pay only for work actually done.

Every successful TPA contractor can pay less for other forms of marketing because they get such a consistent and robust workload from the program.

  1. You get a variety of claims – large, small, water, recon, fire, roofing, etc.

Most assignments are done by rotation so the “big guy” gets the same amount as the “little guy.”

  1. You get a more predictable, steady and sustainable flow of work.

All contractors want to see their volume level out and become more predictable. Program work lifts your boat and provides more balance and volume throughout the year. Nothing propels growth faster than being a Network partner with a TPA and that’s the truth! Reference: 6-Month Coaching Plan – The Revenue Generator (The Ultimate Revenue Booster for Your Business Sales Growth)  

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