Using an Affected Room Sheet to Increase Water Job Profits

Posted by The Restoration Entrepreneur

We know what psychrometrics and moisture maps are for … but what in the world is an affected room sheet? It’s a means to record every chargeable activity completed during a mitigation job.

Mitigation technicians are notorious for failing to record many of their most common tasks. They forget little things like removing backsplash, tack strip, blinds and curtains, heat registers, faucets, or the use of carpet masking, furniture blocking, or floor protection, and a lot of other stuff.

How do you create an Affected Room Sheet? Simply record every single Xactimate line item and its current XA pricing for every single activity a technician could perform in the course of their work. This reminds the technician that these tasks are chargeable (if we can charge for them, then, by all means, let’s do them!), and provides a record of what they did. Expecting estimators to chase down technicians to find out if they did thus and so, or visiting the job site hunting for overlooked charges is a waste of time. Expect more from your technicians and don’t leave money on the table. If you do the work, be certain you get paid for it!

Reference: The Profit Maker – Make More Money Than Ever Before Managing Your Business Like a Pro!

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