What Are Remodelers to Do Now??

You’ve been here before! The Great Recession of 2008 put 1.5 million construction people out of work. Half of all remodeling companies were crushed by the financial downturn and out of business in 2012.

Bankruptcy, foreclosures, and early retirement – here we go, again!

I talk with a lot of restorers and remodelers every week, and this is what I know – discretionary remodelings is over, and the only construction niche still viable and resilient is insurance damage and repair.

Restorers have not slowed down at all and are considered essential businesses by city and state governments. When water or fire damage occurs, there must be an immediate emergency response. Homeowners aren’t expected to live in torn up homes for months, and so their rebuild work is considered essential as well.

As a remodeler, you may have considered becoming a restorer in the past, and are reconsidering it again.

If you want to know more about the industry, and the opportunity available to general contractors, call me for a FREE 30-minute consultation. You may find this is the only source of construction work open for the foreseeable future, and perhaps the best source of reliable work when life returns to normal.

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