What Do You Do When You Can’t Find the Right Manager for Your Business?

Every Owner knows how difficult it is to find quality workers. This is especially true for managers.

Many owners struggle with knowing where to look, how to interview, and how to ensure the prospect has the skills they are looking for.

Using an HR company may provide the help you need!

In my company, my last 5 management hires were each made using an HR company. I was always delighted with the outcome. Key management positions make or break your business. You can’t have a Construction Manager who is ill-equipped to manage the volume of work they are expected to handle.

You can’t tolerate an estimator who is still mastering Xactimate, has little construction experience, and consistently leaves money on the table.

There are certain key positions in your business that you must hit a home run with. Considering ONLY those you can find locally may be an unnecessary and unwise self-limiter and may lead to accepting under-performance because “they were the only candidate you could find.”

This year I’ve helped a handful of companies add a Construction Manager or Estimator to their team. They searched locally and could not find the homerun hitter they needed on their own, so we turned to an HR company to broaden the search and quicken the pace of the hunt. The results have been outstanding and each hire was recruited locally from within the region making the results even more exciting for the owners.

If you could use help with a local or national search for key personnel, I highly recommend Kristy Sifford, founder of Wylander. She will hit a home run for you as she has for those I am currently helping to find just the right person!

Wylander is very well positioned in the restoration industry advertising in trade magazines and attending trade conferences. They are a name that is well known by management level prospects looking for their next opportunity.

You can contact Kristy Sifford and Wylander at Wylander.com.

Don’t settle for second best when you can just as easily hire the best person for your position. You deserve the best, and you can have the best!

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