What Does It Mean to Get Added to a TPA

I know one contractor active on 4 TPAs that represent 42 insurance companies. Another is active on 26 carriers through Contractor Connection alone.

A single TPA gives you access to a large number of individual carriers producing a huge volume of work.

Many carriers offer multiple programs, including Mitigation, Fire & Smoke, Rebuild, Roofing, Large Loss, and Commercial. There are adjuster referral programs and consumer services, providing leads to the carrier’s customers interested in large remodeling jobs.

Each carrier does all it can through its professional sales team to increase their policy footprint in any given area. That produces more work for you.

Each TPA has a professional staff of people whose sole job is to attract new insurance carries to their program, and that produces more work for you.

Together, TPAs and their carrier clients do everything they can to get more work to send downline to contractors just like you – because that’s how they make money – when you make money.

Why do you work so hard to get agents, plumbers, property managers, and the internet to bring you leads … when you can just sit back and wait for teams of top-flight professionals working as hard as they can – bring you more work?

What can be better than that?

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