What Does it Take to Get into the Insurance Industry?

The most common way to get into the insurance industry is to add mitigation services. This includes water mitigation, mold remediation, and fire and smoke cleanup.

It takes only a modest investment in a minimal amount of equipment, a little training, and hiring an experienced mitigation technician. They focus on the mitigation services while you continue to grow your rebuild work.

As first on the site, you get not only the mitigation job for which insurance companies pay you directly, but you can count on capturing the rebuild work too.

The best source of work is not marketing insurance agents or plumbers, it’s not Google Adwords or Website SEO, and its not lead generation sites and direct customer marketing. The most reliable way to get work is through the Third Party Administrators (TPAs) to whom insurance companies outsource their claims management.

TPAs provide a high volume of work to those contractors approved to join their network.

Imagine getting an assignment from a TPA and calling your customer with this introduction, “Hi. Mr. Jones, this is Jack Dennison with ABC Restoration Company. I’m the USAA contractor who’s been assigned to complete your repairs.” What a serve up. You are representing their insurance company and have been assigned to handle the problem. Very, very nice!

If you just plain don’t want to do water damage, you can still get in as a single trade Rebuild Contractor. Four out of five restoration companies do water damage only. They take out damaged building material but don’t put it back. There is always a disproportionately large need for rebuild contractors to put back what others take out.

There isn’t much more to it than this. What are the benefits?

  • Recession-proof work
  • A consistently high volume of work
  • Highly compatible with your remodeling company
  • $1 million worth of work in 12 months

You could do this, if you want to!

If you are interested in knowing more request a FREE 30-minute consultation – https://www.growmyrestorationbusiness.com/contact-us

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