Why Aren’t YOU Receiving Referral Work from National Managed Repair Programs?

We all want referral work!!

In our restoration industry, we call National Managed Repair Programs Third Party Administrator Networks (TPAs). These National groups administrate property claims in conjunction with the carrier, including assigning them to network contractors.

We crave referrals from the mouth of satisfied customers, referrals from insurance agents, from plumbers, property managers, and realtors. We all want referrals from those typically amongst the first to hear of a water damaged home.

If you want a lot more referrals, why in the world are you not getting them from TPAs?

Some grumble over program requirements or unfair insurance adjusters. Get over it! You can’t make money you don’t have. Most contractors have way too much capacity just sitting on the sidelines, and most would love to have reason to hire more staff to handle more work. Contractors are trying to keep crews busy, especially during those frequent downturns in volume.

Why not juice it up, get more work than you can handle, make more money than ever before, and HIRE MORE STAFF!

TPAs are the definitive, quintessential referral source with more work to hand out to you than any other source! Get more work, make more money, hire more staff, and build a larger, more prosperous business.

NOTHING, NO NOTHING, AND NO COMBINATION OF SOMETHINGS can produce a more sustainable, dependable, consistent volume of work than a handful of TPAs sending work directly to YOU

So, do you grumble over the trash talk of others, or do you want to grow your business and prosper?

CALL ME, and I will help you get dialed in.

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