Why You Shouldn’t Sell Your Restoration Business Just Yet

I want to help you get top dollar for your sale by showing you how to double your sales price in just two years! All you need is growing revenue, improving per job profits, the greatest adjusted net profit possible, and the largest industry multiple. With these things, you’ll be able to sell your restoration business for top dollar in no time!

So don’t sell just yet – let me help you get the most out of your restoration business!


  1. If you want to get top dollar for your company, it needs a plan. It can’t just be sales-driven and hope that will magically grow into an attractive price when there’s no strategy in place or evidence of future growth from customers who have bought before them. The buyer wants assurance about what they are buying – not only does this depend on quality but also quantity as well!
  2. The industry average for profit is 75% which means that you must be earning at least this much. It will not only increase cash flow, reserves and personal wealth – it also demonstrates to potential clients or investors how well-run your company really operates! If less than half (50%) of what’s been done can fetch a price equal then there may have been problems with production quality in some area(s). You should strive towards achieving an even higher return on investment by making sure every penny counts while working hard during mitigation services before getting started.
  3. You can think of your potential sales price as a dollar amount that represents what you could get for the business if it were sold. The higher this number, the more valuable your company is perceived to be and thusly will fetch on sale in an auction-like setting with other businesses being offered up as collateral against debts or promises made by buyers who have funds available but not necessarily enough time constraints surrounding their purchase needs.
  4. The industry multiplier is a measure of how well quit your company does in achieving the first 3 factors. The range can go from 2x up to 3.5 times, which makes all those difference – for example if net profit plus seller’s discretionary expenses equal $1 million and you have an equation where it’s just multiplied by two (or sometimes even more), then top sales price would only be around 5M instead than 8+ Million dollars.


If you take your current year as your base and allow me over the next 2 years to help you accelerate your revenue growth and improve your internal operation in order to achieve higher profits you can double the top sales dollar value of your business.

BUT STOP – if you are a mitigation-only contractor and plan to sell your business I have the most transformational opportunity imaginable for you. If you add construction services over the next 2 years you can double, even triple your top sales price – in just 2 years! Yes, you can!!

Look at the numbers: If you are a $1 million mitigation-only company you are doing approximately 400 mitigation jobs a year. If you captured the rebuild for each one with the average reconstruction invoice of $10,000 you could add $4,000,000 of revenue and at 50% profit you could earn $2,000,000 in profit. WOW!!

All this is true. Adding rebuild services is not that hard and at the end of 2 years you would have a wonderful construction division that has transformed your business and your potential sales price.

Let me ask you – Is retiring to the life you have always dreamed of having worth a 2 year investment of time?

DON’T SELL YOUR RESTORATION BUSINESS until you have made it ready to sell and then retire to the life you are dreaming of.

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