3 Bad Habits That Could Cost You Your Business

Developing bad habits in business can be costly. They could even cost you your business.

If you’re struggling to grow your restoration business, it’s time to do some self-reflection. Are you procrastinating? Are you not spending enough time on planning? Are you doing the same thing every day, hoping that the pieces will all just fall into place?

These are three of the worst habits that you can have as a business owner. But the good news is that they’re also easy to identify, so you can start working toward fixing them.

1. Putting off until tomorrow, what you need to do today

If you’re procrastinating, and putting off doing something that is important to your business because it’s difficult, or you don’t like doing it, you’re hurting your business.

This is different than scheduling, which is about prioritizing. When you schedule the work that needs to be done, things may get pushed off until tomorrow if they’re not a priority. But when you procrastinate, you’re putting off that important task even though it should be a priority that needs to get done today.

2. Failing to plan

Failing to plan is planning to fail.

A failure to plan for the day causes you to constantly be reacting to things that come up. Rather than having a clear direction, you get pulled into whatever problems the day brings. Your company becomes aimless, with a lot of activity, but no real focus.

Planning puts you back in control of your day and in control of your business. It identifies where you want your company to go, and helps you navigate towards that end result.

3. Believing that tomorrow will be better than today

Get rid of this blind optimism and get proactive. Things don’t change on their own. If you continue to work the same way that you did yesterday, or run your business like you’ve always done, then tomorrow will be exactly the same as today.

If you want tomorrow to be different, to be better, then you have to make that change happen.

It’s Time for a Change

If any of these 3 bad habits resonates with you, you need to do a personal reset before it’s too late. Identify one change that you need to make in each of these areas that will positively impact your restoration business.

Don’t put this off until tomorrow. You need a plan today, that will make tomorrow better than yesterday, and our team at the Restoration Entrepreneur is here to help you take that next step forward.

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