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Restoration Entrepreneur Coaching Programs

The Restoration Entrepreneur is the nation’s leading restoration company consulting and training firm. From starting a new business to growing an existing one, buying someone else’s resto business to preparing your business for retirement, our advisors help you succeed at every stage of a business’s life cycle. Through decades of owning resto businesses and decades more teaching others how to succeed, we’ve created programs that help every restoration business succeed anywhere in the U.S.

Customized Counseling

Within the framework of each of our coaching programs, we customize a program to your needs. We work from where you’re at to get you to where you want to be.

General Programs

On average, our new contractors earn their first contract within 75 days from inception. They make $600,000 to $850K in their first year. This is how you start a business well!


The Startup IgniterA solid foundation is the key to massive success.

You’re ready to start your restoration business, but you want to make sure you do it right.

The Startup Igniter 12-month program – Start your business well, deliver huge sales in the first year, and lay the foundation for growth in the years ahead. With the sources, strategies, tools, and techniques to get your business off the ground fast and keep it flying high, this is the best way to ensure that your efforts are successful. Our average startup does over $800,000 in sales the first year! At better than industry average profit margins, you’re set to make a lot of money in a single year. And that’s just the first year.

Mature Growth

Ready to grow your existing business? Start here!

Business is okay, but you know it can be better with the right knowledge and skills.

The Business Transformer shows you everything you need to know to double or even triple your business in two years or less. Accelerate revenue, increase operational efficiency, grow your profits, and explode your personal wealth, all with a program focused on taking your good business and making it great. From “just okay” or “holy cow!” in one year of coaching, this is the program for the owner who’s not happy with the status quo.

Focused Programs

Choose from a selection of programs that range from 4 months to one year or more that focus on a specific aspect of your business. When you know what you need to do differently but aren’t sure how, these are the programs that show you the path to success.

Increased Revenue

The Revenue Generator 9-month program – This program is exclusive to The Restoration Entrepreneur. Learn to be a successful third-party administrator (TPA) for insurance companies. Let them pay you to manage contracts and claims. Learn how to do the work and get connections to the eight National Third-Party Administrator Networks. Get on the list for insurance companies, government agencies, and more. Learn to market yourself as a TPA and drive massive revenues! Grow your business’s offerings, fast.

Increase Sales

The Sales Generator – 9-month program – When you want to increase your sales, adding construction services to your resto business is the answer. The team at The Restoration Entrepreneur will show you how to do it quickly, painlessly, and the most profitable way possible. We’ll even show you how to market this new aspect of your business. Nothing will add sales to your business faster than having a hugely profitable new service to offer.

Increased Profits

The Profit Maker – 9-month program – Making sales and making profits are two different things. If you’re making the sales and bring in the revenue, but you’re not making the money, it’s because your profit margins are too low. Just 1% improvement in your profit margin will increase your cash flow by 5 times or more. Learn to manage material costs, subcontractor relationships, workflow, proper estimating, and other aspects of your business that will deliver huge profits.

Increase Cash Flow

The Cash Flow Accelerator – 4-month program – What’s in your wallet? And your bank account? And in reserve for emergencies? Cash flow is one of the biggest issues that resto pros and contractors face. Even if the revenues and sales are there, the cash doesn’t ever seem to be available. Learn to: get a cash draw from your first contract, so you can buy what you need, work with mortgage companies, and get paid on accounts receivable (A/R) fast. Cash flow management is a skill. It’s not just about getting the contracts; it’s about getting the cash out of the contracts..

Better Estimating

The Estimator Extraordinaire – 4-month program – Whether you’re doing your own estimates or you have an in-house estimator, someone in the company needs to know how to do estimates perfectly. Most of us know that we’re not catching everything. You’re losing a little money on every estimate. With the Estimator Extraordinaire program, you, or your estimator, will learn to use technology and know-how to create estimates that get you paid for every nail, every screw, and every sweep of a broom. The foundation of every contract is the estimate; get it right and make more money!

Add Roofing

The Rainmaker – 4-month program – You’re leaving over a million dollars in sales by not putting a top on it. Add roofing to your restoration or contracting business and increase sales exponentially. Often, resto jobs started with a bad roof or the roof was damaged during the event. By being your customers’ one-stop shop, including their roof, you can make the money that you’ve been giving away to others. It’s a natural fit, often doesn’t require a new crew, and usually only adds a day or two to the contract, but it’s a huge profit that delivers every time.

Buying a Resto Business

The Business Buyer’s Edge – Fully Customized – When you’re considering buying an existing restoration business, you need the right guidance. Are there growth issues to overcome? Does the business have a reputational issue that you need to tackle? When you need advice about buying a business, you need it quickly before the deal disappears. Our team will “meet” with you, review the information, and give you our best advice. The program is as brief or as extensive as you need it to be. It’s customized to meet your business needs. Don’t buy a resto business without this help.

Increase Personal Wealth

The Wealth Builder – Fully Customized – If your profit margins are less than 20%, you need this program. If you’re not taking home most of your profit margin, you need this program. If you’re stuck or struggling to make more money, live comfortably, and not kill yourself working seven days a week, you need this program. We create a custom program that shows you how to increase your personal wealth fast. We start from your sales and follow the money right through to your wallet.


The Retirement Achiever – 24-month program – When you’re considering retirement, you need to consider how much you want to sell your business for, how much money you can make from it, and how to get it ready to be sold. Over the course of two years, we help you maximize the value of your business, restructure your business to make it ready to be taken over, and get your finances in order, so they look great to a buyer. Start your countdown to retirement by planning to make your restoration or construction business as valuable and saleable as possible.

Not sure what you need?

If you’re not sure what you need, let us help you. Schedule a free consultation to talk about your business, your dreams, and your needs. Together, we’ll find or create the coaching solution you need to succeed.

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