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The Restoration Entrepreneur has everything you need to grow your restoration business.

The team at The Restoration Entrepreneur has decades of experience running restoration and construction businesses. Then we began teaching other professionals how to grow their businesses using the same techniques we used to become successful and sell multimillion dollar businesses. Our restoration business consultants have more than just their own knowledge and experience to draw from; they have a massive library of resources that we’ve created and multiple additional resources.

A Few Quick Statistics

  • The average startup that works with our team makes $100,000 in sales by month 3.
  • The same startup makes $800,000 to $1million in the first year.
  • Established business average an additional $300,000 in sales by month 3.
  • Existing resto business make $1.7 to $2 million in additional sales in the first year, on average.

The ROI of working with The Restoration Entrepreneur is well over 500% for our average client!

The Missing Revenue

The biggest area that most restoration companies are missing is working with third-party administrators well. You can even become a TPA and make a lot more money.

TPAs are part of the insurance industry. They’re unavoidable and can be a huge asset. Knowing how to work with and market to TPAs can grow your business exponentially.

  • We can introduce you to the 8 National TPAs that manage most of the insurance companies’ claims.
  • Learn to be at the top of the TPA list when there’s work in your area. If you’re in their preferred contractor network, your company will be insanely busy.
  • Find out how the best companies make “friends” with TPAs and drive revenue by being handed scores of contracts every year.
  • Access local fire service opposites to net over $1 million a year in additional revenue.
  • Add a Contents Processing Center to your services. Not only will you make more money from each contract, but you can differentiate yourself from your competitors.
  • Be a contractor of choice for three federal agencies in your community.
  • Tap into your local insurance agents’ network to grow your revenues without cold calling.
  • Offer roofing to your restoration services and watch your revenues explode. The profit margin is high and many, if not most, restoration jobs need some roof repair.
  • Learn to effortlessly market your business all year long to the people who make the decisions to award contracts for restorations.

Time to Sell Your Business

Everyone sells their business or passes it on to the next generation. No matter which you do, planning how to do it to maximize your comfort in retirement is essential.

Knowing when to sell, how much to sell for, and when to hold on is tough. The experts at The Restoration Entrepreneur will guide to making the right decision.

  • Know when it’s time to sell or when you should wait a while longer. There aren’t reports in the newspaper about how well restoration businesses are selling. Knowing when to sell is a matter of understanding the industry intimately to know when the right time is to sell and take your money.
  • Learn to speak the buyers’ language – performance, not potential. When they’re buying an existing business, they want to know that it’s making money now. They don’t want “pie in the sky” projections into a future they know is uncertain.
  • Create financial statements that show how well your business is doing and has been doing. We can show you how to prepare the reports so buyers can understand exactly what you’re selling to them.
  • The pros at The Restoration Entrepreneur show you how to value your business so you get the most money for it. Don’t just trust other people’s valuation; do your own so you know it’s right.
  • Find out how a 3-year proforma can chart your future and take you to your goals. It’s all about the right information in to get the right information out.

The Restoration Entrepreneur is the only consulting and training firm
that can do all of this, and more, for you.

Contact us today to learn how to make the most of your business, no matter what stage you’re in.

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